PHX-Adders lets you enter data directly into your mainframe. Data validation occurs during the data entry process—errors are identified immediately as the data is being keyed. This online product saves significant amounts of time, money, and labor by streamlining the data entry process.

The product is user-friendly, providing online help, screen prompting, and excellent user documentation. In addition, the software is designed for fast start-up—no front-end programming or operating system modifications are required.

PHX-Adders handles decentralized or migrated data entry functions; it migrates and expands with your enterprise.

Features at a Glance

  • Forward recovery activity against your file in online or batch mode, and rebuild the file without having to write, compile, or test programs
  • Test and manipulate data fields at extract time
  • Simultaneously load and reformat data from an external source into a batch
  • Initiate functions automatically with PF keys
  • Store all data components in multiple files in a single file architecture
  • Submit batches with job control using custom designed screens
  • Assign expiration dates through automatic data deletion
  • Validate a field based on the presence or absence of other fields
  • Include hash counters for each batch and document counters for each screen

PHX-Adders/PC has all the features of PHX-Adders on the mainframe platform. Setting up an application with PHX-Adders/PC consists of four steps: "painting" the screen, setting up validation rules, choosing the command set to determine the display sequence for data entry screens, and setting up batch totals and other batch controls.

PHX-Adders comes with PHX-Guest, which includes a file viewer, CICS screen builder and fourth-generation language.