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Functional Stabilization Extensions for (E)JES V2

At Phoenix Software International, it is our normal policy to functionally stabilize (E)JES back releases approximately 3 months after the release becomes n-2. Functional stabilization simply means that no new PTFs are written for that release.

By that schedule, (E)JES V2R4.0 would be functionally stabilized at the end of June 1999 and (E)JES V2R5.0 would be functionally stabilized at the end of December 1999.

We recognize that some of our customers will be freezing their software inventories in preparation for Y2K. In fact, some customers have already done so.

To assist these customers in maintaining current software releases, PSI has extended the functional stabilization dates for (E)JES V2R4.0 and (E)JES V2R5.0 to the end of March, 2000. This represents a 3 month extension for (E)JES V2R5.0 and a 9 month extension for (E)JES V2R4.0.

This extension in no way implies that PSI will update back releases to support higher levels of OS/390 JES3. The highest OS/390 JES3 release supported by (E)JES V2R4.0 continues to be V2R5.0 and the highest OS/390 JES3 release supported by (E)JES V2R5.0 continues to be V2R7.0

Naturally, we recommend that you migrate to (E)JES version 3 at your earliest convenience.

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