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(E)JES V4R8.0 Now Available with Java Application Programming Interface

Version 4, Release 8.0, of (E)JES, a z/OS JES2 and JES3 interactive spool browse and system management product, is now generally available.

Among its many significant enhancements is the (E)JES Java Application Programming Interface (API), a complement to the (E)JES APIs for REXX and for procedural languages such as Assembler and C. The (E)JES Java API and supporting classes provide unauthorized-program access from the Java language to the programming resources available through the (E)JES API. Execution will be eligible for zAAP or zAAP-on-zIIP redirection when the Java code is running and zIIP redirection when the core (E)JES functions are running.

Other outstanding features:

  • A new column displaying row numbers to aid in issuing commands
  • Highlighting of exceptions in several columns, including MaxComp (Maximum Completion), on job-related displays
  • Support for Modify mode on the JES3 Output Descriptors display
  • New option to extract scrollable data to a z/OS UNIX file
  • Display of information from MVS solutions inc.’s ThruPut Manager on Status and Input displays
  • Support for password phrases under the Phoenix TP Monitor
  • Various performance enhancements

See the (E)JES product page for more information.

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