CONDOR Full Screen Editor

The CONDOR editor includes a powerful set of full screen editor commands and line commands that perform the functions described below.


  • Switch edit queues or display two edit queues on a split screen
  • Alternate the screen display for terminals with alternate screen sizes
  • Display an edit queue on the top half of the screen and spooled text or the console log on the bottom half
  • Display on-line help


  • Insert, copy, move, and delete text
  • Search and replace text
  • Create a stack of text from multiple edit queues
  • Display a member in hexadecimal format to change binary data
  • Encrypt a member for security protection and decode the encrypted member
  • Page to the top, bottom, or specific line of an edit queue


  • Spool the edit queue to a virtual machine or local/remote printer
  • Copy spooled data into the edit queue

Program Execution

  • Test-compile and test-execute ECHO and CYGNET programs
  • Execute ECHO and CYGNET programs or REXX execs
  • Invoke the PROC processor to batch compile COBOL, ECHO, and CYGNET programs