CONDOR On-Line Utilities

With CONDOR's on-line utilities, you can perform the following functions.

  • Display status and directory entries of system libraries
  • View and modify main storage (under SAF security control for z/OS)
  • View and modify phases or load modules
  • View and modify the contents of any mounted disk volumes
  • Allocate data sets to the on-line system
  • View on-line audit reports of modifications made by on-line utilities, files formatted, user session history and data set allocations
  • View the console hardcopy file
  • Display z/VSE system, partition and class standard, and user label areas
  • Display VTOC entries for any mounted DASD volume
  • Search source libraries for specific character strings
  • Send messages to other terminals and the operator console
  • Enter jobs on-line from your terminal
  • Print reports on a local or remote printer
  • Format files and CAM libraries defined to the system