CONDOR Security and Auditing

CONDOR comes with superior security features, including:

  • Security levels, from limited to full system access, that can be assigned to users; selectively prohibit access to any major area of the system
  • Library password protection—passwords are encrypted in memory and on disk
  • Option to let users change their own passwords
  • Passwords can consist of phrases of up to 100 characters, for stricter security (z/OS)

CONDOR accountability features:

  • Audit trails for source lines, changes to members and VSAM files, as well as program library and core modifications, and data set allocations.
  • View audit trails on-line or as print reports.

CONDOR also supports logon/logoff and other features of many popular external security packages using the standard System Authorization Facility interface on both z/OS and z/VSE—as well as IBM's Basic Security Manager on z/VSE.