Positioning for the Future:
z/OS interface modernization

Much has been written about the aging mainframe workforce and looming skills shortage. It’s not an acute problem, but rather a “smoldering” one that deserves attention. Responsible software providers are moving toward interfaces that are more recognizable to Generation-“Y”.

For Installers

Our traditional install gets very high marks, but customers can now choose to use CA Chorus Software Manager or IBM’s z/OSMF Workflow function to install and maintain (E)JES. The (E)JES Installation Workflow for z/OSMF duplicates all of the information found in the (E)JES Installation book and augments it with dependencies and a few simple questions.


IBM’s z/OSMF Workflow


CA Chorus Software Manager

CA Chorus Software Manager Image

For End Users

(E)JES Web is a browser-based interface to (E)JES implemented in Java. Our intent is to create a de facto interface to (E)JES for users that are uncomfortable navigating traditional 3270 interfaces. The REST API backing this technology will provide a framework for the creation of Eclipse plug-ins, mobile applications, and other web services clients.

(E)JES Web

IBM has given z/OS Java highly preferential treatment in IBM Z hardware/software design and customer terms and conditions. This trend is expected to continue, making z/OS Java a solid language/platform choice with good investment protection for the foreseeable future.

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