(E)JES Programming and Automation

Powerful (E)JES functionality is available to programs via the Application Programming Interface (API). Companion REXX and Java APIs provide the same capabilities to programs written in these languages. Here are a few ways these interfaces might prove useful:

  • Users can become more productive by leveraging these interfaces to perform routine or repetitive tasks.
  • Installation-written applications can use these interfaces to obtain information that would otherwise require knowledge of MVS or JES internals and control blocks.
  • Using System REXX, operators without TSO/E access can be given “smart” tools and commands, greatly surpassing the capabilities offered by traditional system commands

(E)JES Customer Application Infrastructure

The Customer Application Infrastructure (CAI) is an integrated framework for TSO/ISPF that runs REXX-based customer and end user plug-in applications for customizing and extending (E)JES functionality in local environments.

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