z/OS Feature Support

(E)JES provides full support for and exploits the latest z/OS features including those listed below.

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Advanced Function Printing

(E)JES supports printing via IBM's Advance Function Printing (AFP) architecture. You can view AFP output at your terminal via the GDDM interface.

APPC/MVS Transaction Jobs

Access and modify all attributes for APPC/MVS transaction jobs running anywhere in your JESplex. Output produced by these jobs appear on job‑ and group-oriented displays.

Automatic Restart Manager

Job, group and data set level displays include line commands for canceling jobs with ARM restart.

Data Sets Larger than 64K Tracks

(E)JES supports both large spool and extract data sets.

Integration with System Monitoring Tools (e.g., RMF)

Activity rate information can be gathered with or without system monitoring products.

JES Resource Monitoring

In JES2 environments, (E)JES provides a display that helps you identify and correct resource shortages and view resource utilization history.

JES Spool Data Sets on EAV

(E)JES supports placement of JES spool data sets in the cylinder-managed area of an Extended Address Volume (EAV).

Large Pages

(E)JES exploits Large Pages for performance reasons.

MCS Extended Consoles

The User Log is a private online log that records commands and responses for each user's personal MCS Extended Console.


(E)JES fully supports NJE via TCP/IP. In JES3 environments, NJE displays manage output in both BDT and TCP queues.

Parallel Sysplex

(E)JES leverages the premier z/OS coupling technology.

RMF Sysplex Data Services

E)JES sysplex-wide scope for Activity: set the scope for the Activity display—JESplex or sysplex—via the Options panel, or with a command.

Sysplex Operations Log

The Operations Log (Operlog) browser displays the contents of the Sysplex Operations Log. Messages can be displayed with their original presentation attributes.

System REXX

REXX programs that leverage the (E)JES REXX API will run under System REXX.

WLM Enclaves

The Enclave and Multisystem Enclave panels let you view and manage WLM enclave information.

WLM-Managed Batch Initiators

In JES2, (E)JES supports displaying and changing the service class, calculating WLM position, and showing WLM delays on the Job Information report.

WLM Scheduling Environments and Resources

Panels let you control all WLM scheduling environments and resources defined in the JESplex or sysplex.

z/Architecture and 64-bit Virtual Storage

(E)JES makes extensive use of 64-bit virtual storage under z/OS on IBM Z or comparable processors.

z/OS UNIX Files

Scrollable data can be extracted to a z/OS UNIX file. You may create a new file, or replace or append to an existing file.

z/OS UNIX Processes

(E)JES lets you display and manage z/OS UNIX System Services processes. Output produced by z/OS UNIX processes appears on job- and group-oriented displays.

zHPF Channel Programs

(E)JES uses zHPF channel programs, resulting in faster performance.

zIIP and zAAP Processors

(E)JES exploits zIIP processors and reports on zIIP and zAAP utilization at both system and individual address space levels.

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