Entrypoint Application Development

The Entrypoint Application Studio makes it easy for non-programmers to quickly create a wide variety of data entry applications with built-in validation, editing, and export options.

Many of the options for defining fields and selecting edit checks can be activated with point-and-click operations, including defining range checks, table lookup values, and check-digit validation criteria.

Options for defining fields and selecting edit checks can be configured by choosing the one you want from a drop-down list next to the attribute. Built-in attributes make adding features such as range checks and table lookups a simple operation.

Developers can customize the development environment and create multiple applications and data entry formats simultaneously. In addition, you can create format specifications for such elements as image backgrounds, field labels, and fields, and save the specifications as templates.

As you develop your Entrypoint application, you can enter testing mode by simply clicking a button.

Application Examples

You can create a wide variety of business applications with Entrypoint. Here are just a few examples:

Billing/invoicing Student registration Litigation support
Document tracking Order entry Accounting
Tax return preparation Inventory Payroll
Customer information Employee benefits Sales analysis
Case report forms for clinical trials

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