Falcon64 Utilities

Each Falcon64 utility is fully documented in online help, which can be called up from the Falcon64 application window. Your favorite PC Falcon command-line utilities are also fully documented in the online help. Falcon64 utilities include:

  • File Uploads and Downloads—Falcon64 files can be transferred to and from the workstation and the mainframe. All file types can be transferred in one operation.
  • TCP/IP Support—Data can be sent to the mainframe using TCP/IP.
  • Data Extracts—Once verified, batch data can be extracted for use in a PC application. Criteria for extraction can include anything from verify status to a date range.
  • Batch Status Reports—View these reports with just a few keystrokes.
  • Data Imports
  • Job Accounting—Operator statistics are readily available, including record and keystroke counts.

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