Falcon64 Imaging

Falcon64 imaging lets you key data from scanned images stored in single- and multi-page graphic files. As of Version 9.1, all of these features are included as part of the Falcon64 application. Imaging has been retooled from top to bottom, and is much easier to use.

Key Features

  • Input conversion for all popular image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PDF, etc.)
  • Support for multi-image file formats
  • Zone definition—define key-from-image zones
  • Display the image scan only—fill the screen with the image and key data at the same time, simulating the traditional heads-down-data entry experience
  • Robust keyboard orientation control as required by data entry experts
  • Split-second response rate for displaying the next image
  • OCR—optional component for deciphering data from paper forms (see Optical Character Recognition for more information)

Key from Image

In an ideal world, data entry operators would never need to take their hands off the keyboard for any reason. Now with Falcon64 and its powerful imaging option, they rarely have to. The Falcon64 imaging option has the heads-down data entry features professionals have come to expect from Falcon data entry products combined with the benefits of keying from an image.

When you reach the end of one record, the software automatically displays the next image. As your cursor enters a field, the image area with the data you are keying comes into view, highlighted. A field prompt window displays the field you are currently keying. You can press a key to position the image window on top of the data entry screen for better visibility, and still key data.

Falcon64 makes key-from-image just like paper…but better!

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