Falcon64 Optical Character Recognition

With its optional OCR engine, Falcon64 can process scanned images and fill associated fields with the machine-read data. These fields can be displayed on the screen for operators to rekey or verify. OCR fields can also be designed to go directly to output.

OCR is configurable via the workflow management system that is built in to Falcon64—you choose the directory to monitor for new scanned images, the groups of operators eligible to receive the work, and where and how files will be extracted and then archived.

Once this workflow is set up, Falcon64 monitors the number of images in the chosen directory; when the number reaches the threshold you specify, Falcon64 starts a new job and routes it to the next available operator.

Key Features

  • Easy zone definition: Format designers create recognition zones and associate them with fields on a format. One zone can be used to populate one or many fields.
  • Flexible data streaming: Add the data to specific fields or stream to a group, filling each field or moving to the next at a line break; collect data in columnar format; use multiple formats to capture data.
  • Automated OCR: You can set up an unmanned automated workstation that checks for new scanned images, OCRs them and fills data fields with the results.

Combined with the feature-rich Falcon64 system, these OCR functions give you the tools you need to get fast, accurate results from scanned images. That translates into cost savings for any data entry operation.

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