Key/101 (PCs)

Key/101 for Windows can act as a standalone data entry program or as an interface to Key/101 on a mainframe platform.

The familiar Windows interface reduces the learning curve for both application developers and operators. Key/101 for Windows can meet your organization's data input requirements by integrating a wide range of data input systems when needed, and providing a single point of control. Data can be captured via a standard keyboard or with devices such as bar code scanners, optical character readers and voice recognition equipment.

Key Features

  • Easy format customization—designing data capture formats does not require programming.
  • Immediate feedback—data entry operators can correct fields as they enter the data.
  • First-class data input accuracy and productivity—Key/101 includes comprehensive facilities for the capture, editing, verification, reformatting and transfer of data to each target application program, file or database.

Key/101's processing capabilities provides cost-effective data capture, as well as improved control and user satisfaction.