Key/101 Windows Application Building

Both in Key/101 on the mainframe platform and Key/101 for Windows, application building is simple. Data input formats are independent of application programs, and automated functions speed up data entry.

In addition, Key/101 for Windows supports customizable keys, functions, fonts, colors and batch IDs, along with many other data entry options.

As for Key/101 on the mainframe platform, Key/101 for Windows EasyLogic includes conditional edits, user-defined messages, and math and check-digit functions. Additional features:

  • Conditional set and reset of verify fields and autoskip fields, and cursor positioning
  • Custom edits and actions
  • Exit points for EasyLogic routines that let you call a function at the right time: before a field is keyed or verified, after a field is edited or verified, before a screen is displayed, or after the screen is edited or verified.

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