PHX-KeyPlus is a data entry system that incorporates features of off-line systems (e.g., immediate response time) with the benefits and functionality of on-line systems.

PHX-KeyPlus is flexible; you can determine how data entry work is distributed throughout the organization. PHX-KeyPlus can serve as a file inquiry system or master file maintenance tool since users can access mainframe files directly from the product. PHX-KeyPlus provides a simple way to enter and extract data, and can quickly generate diverse test data.

PHX-KeyPlus lets you controls user access via formats, jobs, batches, and operator security. Authority privileges and access to sensitive data is reserved for a supervisor.

PHX-KeyPlus runs on IBM and IBM-compatible mainframe platforms using standard 3270-type terminals.

Features at a Glance

  • Runs directly under VTAM, which optimizes productivity by delivering sub-second response time
  • Provides comprehensive field-level editing criteria, inter-field editing, arithmetical calculations, and format selection
  • Includes editing options to determine how data is written to the output record
  • Reduces the number of keystrokes, increases productivity, and decreases margin of error
  • Provides nontechnical users with expanded editing possibilities via an internal logic language similar to BASIC
  • Supports custom messages and actual output data
  • Includes a retrieve facility that uses a key field entered by the user
  • Provides customizable menus to meet individual needs
  • Employs multiple levels of security
  • Interfaces with external security packages (e.g. RACF®, ACF2®, and Top Secret®

PHX-KeyPlus/PC uses the data entry formats and validation procedures maintained on the mainframe platform. These formats and procedures are transferred to the PC via a down-line load or batch file transfer process. The two platforms use one table of valid user IDs and passwords. All editing features that are available on PHX-KeyPlus are available on PHX–KeyPlus/PC.