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CONDOR Wins Programmer's Choice Award at Archibald Allan

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, January 14, 1998—Workers at Archibald Allan Associates, Inc. recently cheered the return of CONDOR to their data processing department. For a brief time, and interim manager decided to replace it with BIM Edit, a similar, but less powerful on-line editor.

Unlike BIM Edit, CONDOR is a complete program development system, and provides in one single package: a text editor, a full library management system, and a suite of high level system maintenance utilities.

BIM Edit became the standard editor at Archibald Allan for several months, until the interim manager moved on to another position. At the time, the programmers were given an opportunity to choose the on-line editor they wanted to use. They unanimously picked CONDOR!

"When I asked them why they chose CONDOR," said Archie J. Allan, Company President, "they said that it is more user friendly and more intuitive."

That's what prompted Archibald Allan to return to CONDOR and to award Phoenix Software International with their own Programmer's Choice Award!

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