PHX-ODE (On-Line Data Entry) is an on-line tool designed for reliable heads-down data entry, application development and sophisticated system control facilities, as well as standard data entry tasks.

PHX-ODE is user-oriented, advanced software that is easy to use for novice and expert users alike. PHX-ODE eliminates the need for additional hardware because it accesses mainframe files directly. It runs in a CICSĀ® or VTAM-based environment, and does not require key-to-disk, key-to-tape, or key-to-diskette hardware. In addition, PHX-ODE avoids delays caused by creating batches and transporting data.

You can customize PHX-ODE to fit your needs. You can define multiple occurrences of a screen field or detail line, as well as multiple screen field types and multiple edits for screen format fields. Reformatted batches of edited data are easily exported for use by other applications, saving time and money.

Features at a Glance

  • Improved efficiency through assignment of processing functions to end users
  • A complete range of edits, file validation facilities, and computational capabilities accommodates complex applications, thus minimizing entry and processing errors
  • Lower programming costs via on-line handling of new formats and modifications
  • Easily "painted," on-line application and screen format maintenance
  • Over 25 built-in field edits plus user-defined exit programs
  • PHX-ODE/L, a proprietary comprehensive programming language that allows English language syntax within minutes
  • Data subjected to key-verification and rigorous edits before final processing
  • User-defined function keys
  • Data files and library entities consolidated on a single network file server
  • Diverse off-line utilities
  • An extensive on-line help facility accessible from anywhere in the system

PHX-ODE/PC provides the same robust, dependable data entry functionality for the PC as PHX-ODE provides on the mainframe platform. PHX-ODE/PC is a runtime system that allows you to tap into the power of PHX-ODE on a mainframe platform—system applications, screen formats, programs, tables, and more. PHX-ODE/PCX can run as a stand-alone application without interfacing the mainframe version.