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Phoenix Software’s Spooler Offering

Phoenix Software’s Spooler offering is a licensed, derivative work based on IBM®’s JES3 source code. Created with customers in mind, our offering provides existing JES3 customers a common-sense alternative to a costly JES2 conversion. Customer implementation involves a trivial migration to a fully supported product, with a road map for enhancements, no planned end of life, and no additional licensing costs.

What is the Job Entry Subsystem?

The Job Entry Subsystem (JES) is a component of IBM’s z/OS operating system responsible for managing batch workloads. Minimum JES functionality includes reading jobs into the system, selecting them for processing, managing/printing their output, and purging them from the system. Uniquely, JES3 provided multisystem coupling, intelligent tape sharing, resource routing, load balancing, dynamic initiators, pre-execution device setup, job networks, deadline scheduling, multisystem consoles, a JESplex-wide merged log, and other capabilities that simplified the operation and management of loosely-coupled systems nearly two decades before the emergence of sysplex support in the base operating system. Most of these unique JES3 functions continue to have relevance even today.

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