We haven't found anything that [the other products] did that (E)JES can't do better.

—an (E)JES customer

(E)JES is a systems management tool that provides all the information you need to monitor, manage and control your z/OS JESplex—whether you are running JES2 or JES3. (E)JES panels provide up-to-date information on jobs, printers, queues, and resources in a z/OS JESplex. You can enter (E)JES commands directly from these panels to manage job processes and the operation of system resources.

Simple (E)JES commands and rapid accessibility make it easy to view and modify all attributes for jobs, started tasks, TSO users, APPC/MVS transaction jobs, or z/OS UNIX processes running anywhere in your JESplex.

With (E)JES, you can:

  • Control job processing (hold, release, cancel, and purge jobs).
  • Monitor jobs while they are running.
  • Browse jobs without printing.
  • Control JESplex parameters, initiators, job classes, and job class groups.
  • Control printers, punches, functional subsystems, and NJE devices.
  • Control your JES SPOOL configuration.
  • Monitor and control JES resources.
  • Control WLM scheduling environments and resources.
  • Control WLM enclaves, z/OS UNIX processes, and MVS dynamic exits.
  • Control the z/OS Health Checker.
  • Search and process LNKLST, LPALST, Parmlib and Proclib concatenations.
  • Issue system commands.
  • Automate routine tasks.

(E)JES lets you collect and display more data than any product of its kind. You can view and alter data at the data set, data set group, and job level, access data in all queues, and display real-time system updates, as well as extract scrollable data to any DASD or sysout data set you choose.

(E)JES installs quickly, and (E)JES on-line, context-sensitive help is available from every screen.