About Phoenix Software International

Who We Are

Phoenix has been providing enterprise software solutions around the globe since 1979. As a privately held corporation not required to provide shareholders with quarterly profits, Phoenix can focus on long-range, customer-oriented projects and goals. Phoenix prides itself in being nimble, able to quickly capitalize on new hardware and software technology with a focus on software modernization, and providing the best possible user experience.

Phoenix Software’s customers range from small entrepreneurial companies to federal and state agencies including law enforcement and defense, to Fortune 500 leaders in the automotive, financial, healthcare, telecommunications, and insurance industries.

Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer

Development Philosophy

The three pillars that guide our development philosophy are:

  1. Leveraging the latest hardware/software technology.
  2. Providing the best possible user experience.
  3. Software modernization.

Why do we focus on leveraging the latest technology?

  • We care about performance. The latest technology usually means “better performing.”
  • We care about reducing customer costs. The latest technology usually helps reduce customer costs.
  • Technology is just plain cool!