…we do not hire people with the computer programming knowledge to handle this [application development]; we have easily used your program to do over 50 applications in the last year.

— an Entrypoint customer

Entrypoint is a complete web-based system for creating, deploying, and administering custom data entry applications, providing data entry access anywhere you are.

Entrypoint architecture relies on a modular plug-in framework for maximum flexibility. The product consists of a web application for data entry and administration and two Desktop applications: Application Studio and Desktop Workstation. All desktop applications communicate with the server.

Reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness make Entrypoint an excellent solution for any kind of data entry; features for drug or treatment trials make it the obvious choice for clinical trials data capture.

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Feature Highlights

  • Web-based and client-based components share the same database
  • Special features for clinical trials
  • ePRO diaries—patients are granted limited access to enter information into a diary online or via a handheld device.
  • The EntrypointScript programming language that allows for nearly limitless customization.
  • Application deployment directly from the Application Studio
  • Table view
  • Key from images feature in the Desktop Workstation
  • Batch revision

Rapid Application Development

Entrypoint development tools are easy to use, which means less time spent developing applications and case report forms and lower development costs. Developers can quickly create a wide variety of custom data entry applications with built-in validation, editing, and export options. Many Entrypoint built-in attributes make adding advanced features such as range checks and table lookups a simple operation. As you develop your Entrypoint application, you can enter test mode by clicking a button in the Application Studio.

Complete Product Support

Phoenix Software International backs Entrypoint with a full range of support services, including:

  • Online help
  • Clear and concise documentation, including a QuickStart that has you designing and testing your applications in just a few hours, and a more detailed tutorial
  • Technical support via email, fax, or telephone
  • Regular product updates
  • Classes and training programs
  • Application design services

"[the technician] was very helpful and available whenever we had to call during the course of diagnosing the problem… I am very impressed by the level of customer service."

—An Entrypoint customer

A Mature Product

Entrypoint is a seasoned product with a decades-long history. Phoenix Software acquired the DATALEX Entrypoint product in 1996 and released a 32-bit Windows version three years later. Entrypoint was enhanced to support SQL in 2004, remote data entry in 2006, and a client-server design communicating over TCP/IP that stores data in a relational database in 2007. 2012 saw the release of a new fourth-generation web-based product.

System Requirements

Entrypoint runs on any Windows or UNIX operating system that supports JRE 8.0. It supports 32- or 64-bit processors and is installed as two components: the server, which includes the WebClient, and the desktop clients—Application Studio and Desktop Workstation. No third-party database is required. For details, see Entrypoint System Requirements.