A fourth-generation language

z/OS V25.0 and z/VSE V31.0 are available.

CYGNETCYGNET is a sophisticated 4GL (fourth generation language) that includes a comprehensive data dictionary, screen painter, extensive trace and debug facility, and access to IBM databases. CYGNET generates complete independent modules rather than interpretive code.

The CYGNET data dictionary lets you design screen panels and data structures, and create field edit tables on-line. You can set break points and display and alter storage to quickly diagnose and fix problems with CYGNET's Trace/Debug facility. CYGNET supports all data types, makes string manipulation easy, and includes arithmetic and geometric functions. CYGNET programs execute as CICS transactions, as batch programs, or under CONDOR, Phoenix Software International's own screen editor and library management facility. CYGNET runs under z/OS and z/VSE operating environments.


  • Easy debugging tool—on-line debugging; run and compile without executing a job.
  • Arithmetic processing
  • Full array processing—up to four dimensions; supports all IBM data types
  • System integration—COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1 or Assembler
  • Security
  • Data encryption support
  • Standalone processing