JES3plus is a licensed, derivative work based on IBM®’s z/OS® JES3 source code. Created with customers in mind, JES3plus provides existing JES3 customers a common-sense alternative to a costly and potentially risky JES2 conversion. Customer implementation involves a trivial migration to a fully supported product, with a road map for enhancements, no planned end of life, and no additional licensing costs.

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What is the Job Entry Subsystem (JES)

The Job Entry Subsystem (JES) is a component of IBM’s z/OS® operating system responsible for managing batch workloads. Minimum JES functionality includes reading jobs into the system, selecting them for processing, managing/printing their output, and purging them from the system. Uniquely, JES3 provided multisystem coupling, intelligent tape sharing, resource routing, load balancing, dynamic initiators, pre-execution device setup, job networks, deadline scheduling, multisystem consoles, a JESplex-wide merged log, and other capabilities that simplified the operation and management of loosely-coupled systems nearly two decades before the emergence of sysplex support in the base operating system. Most of these unique JES3 functions continue to have relevance even today.

JES3plus is a plug-compatible solution for IBM JES3 customers not wishing to embark on a costly and potentially risky JES2 conversion. This means:
  • User exits, source modifications (if any), and message automation continue to work unchanged
  • Operator commands are unchanged
  • Job and device setup are fully supported and continue to work unchanged
  • Tape high-watermark setup is fully supported and continues to work unchanged
  • NJE and RJP partner interactions with your systems are unchanged
  • DevTest and production JCL continue to work unchanged
  • Production control procedures continue to work unchanged
  • Log and output post-processing scripts continue to work unchanged
  • JES3’s often superior performance characteristics are unchanged

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A JES3plus Migration Success Story

“We migrated from JES3 to JES3plus this year which was one of the most crucial migrations we have ever done as JES3 underpins the entire operating system…

“…In all we raised four tickets with Phoenix over different issues regarding JES3plus and we got extremely prompt and accurate replies in every case. Consequently, the JES3 to JES3plus migration went extremely smoothly and was on time which was not how I envisaged such a major migration.

Phoenix are also convening a user council to discuss enhancements to the JES3plus product which has been unheard of in the last 5 years or so.”

— A Global Media Company

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JES3plus Client Advisory Council (JCAC)

JES3plus is a component of the z/OS operating system, and as such, is an important component of an organization's business critical operations. JES3plus clients represent some of the largest organizations worldwide, with diverse and complex IT systems. As a responsible software vendor, we are dedicated to giving our clients a voice with regard to the development direction and prioritization of the product. The JCAC was designed with this in mind.

Council members help drive development by helping us craft a roadmap for enhancements that avoids trendy or flashy "glitz and glitter" and concentrates instead on functionality clients actually want and need to get their jobs done. They keep us grounded and are helping to ensure we’re working on features that will help with day-to-day activities and business objectives.

The following list of enhancements are all directly attributable to JCAC guidance:

Functional Enhancements
  • WLM batch initiator balancing
  • Dynamic system affinity changes
  • Dump Job (DJ) filtering
  • JCL job card passphrases
  • NSMF 84 and IEFUSO enhancements
  • Support for Job Correlator—used primarily by z/OSMF
  • Support for the SEGMENT= and SPIN= JCL keywords on individual SYSOUT DDs
  • More efficient Job Submit processing
  • More efficient SPOOL utilization by ASR control blocks
  • z/OSMF installation workflow (along with continued support for the traditional path)
  • And more
Performance Enhancements
  • SPOOL I/O now supports ACKD, zHPF and PAV
  • Reduced Local Lock Contention
Enhancements In Development
  • JES Policy
  • WLM AI batch initiator support
  • Modify Job SSI (SSI 85)—used primarily by z/OSMF
  • Dynamic Duplicate Logon Change to help implement z/OSMF

JES3plus Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS) Certification

Phoenix Software International, Inc.’s IBM Z system management products are certified under the Open Group O‑TTPS Certification Program: Self-Assessed tier and meets the requirements of the Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard Version 1.1.1 and ISO/IEC 20243:2018.

The O-TTPS, a standard of The Open Group®, provides a set of guidelines, recommendations, and requirements that help assure against maliciously tainted and counterfeit products throughout commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) information and communication technology (ICT) product lifecycles. Phoenix Software is committed to providing customers with the assurance that our certified products, (E)JES, JES3plus, and PHX-BDT, can be trusted for their business critical processes.

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