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A JES3 to JES3plus Migration Success Story

We took on JES3plus because we wanted to give the JES3 community an alternative to a costly and potentially risky JES2 conversion. This was something that Phoenix Software was uniquely positioned to do given our history and expertise with JES3. Our customers and the JES3 community at large told us as much. Now that customers have experienced the trivial JES3 to JES3plus migration for themselves, we wanted to share their stories with you. Here is what a Global Media Company had to say:

“We migrated from JES3 to JES3plus this year which was one of the most crucial migrations we have ever done as JES3 underpins the entire operating system.
“We put JES3plus on our test LPARs and had a few initial issues, the most major of which was interfacing with another vendor’s automation software. We left the problem with said vendor for a couple of weeks without resolution. Once we told Phoenix about the problem they quickly sprang into action and looked at the dumps. They then arranged a three-way company call (themselves, us, and said vendor) and due to their connections in the industry had the right people on the call straight away. Following this meeting, and due to Phoenix expertise of JES3, we had the problem identified and a vendor fix all in less than two weeks.
“In all we raised four tickets with Phoenix over different issues regarding JES3plus and we got extremely prompt and accurate replies in every case. Consequently, the JES3 to JES3plus migration went extremely smoothly and was on time which was not how I envisaged such a major migration.
“Phoenix are also convening a user council to discuss enhancements to the JES3plus product which has been unheard of in the last 5 years or so.
“We have worked with Phoenix for many years now with (E)JES & z/HISR and now we have added JES3plus to the contract. Phoenix are a valued partner of ours and are always responsive and knowledgeable, it is a pleasure having them as a partner in the mainframe environment.”

— A Global Media Company

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