(E)JES Support

Phoenix Software International (E)JES technical support is available worldwide. Use one of the many self-service options below, open a technical support case, or log in to our Support Portal.

Credentials Request

Do you need a user name and password? Some areas of our site require this for access. If you are a licensed (E)JES customer and do not have these credentials, you may request them here.

Automated Delivery Certificate

Need a user certificate for our Automated Service Delivery server so you can automatically and securely download corrective service? Request the certificate here.

CPC Configuration Report

Do you need to register your initial configuration, subsequent CPC change request, or periodic (e.g. annual) CPC Configuration Report for (E)JES? Licensed (E)JES customers can use this form.

License Code Request

Need a license code for renewing a recently expired system or resetting the start time after a disaster recovery event? Existing (E)JES customers with maintenance contracts may submit a request here.

NOTE: License codes come with a 7-, 14-, or 21-day grace period to allow running (E)JES in unrecognized or oversized environments for disaster recovery tests, processor maintenance, or capacity upgradesā€”or recovery from an actual disaster or emergency.

Download Request

Need to download the latest release of (E)JES along with documentation and a license code? You can do that here.


Would you like to access the online or pdf documentation for (E)JES or your other licensed products? You can do that here.

Email Notifications

Interested in receiving email announcements when a new (E)JES release or corrective service is available? Subscribe here. You can also unsubscribe to be removed from the mailing list.

Release Status/Corrective Service Download

Click an (E)JES release below to access corrective service downloads, see current support status, OS compatibility, and relevant dates.

A release is stabilized three years after general availability and no longer supported five years after general availability. A generally available (E)JES release will be in one of five support statuses, the meanings of which are shown in the table below.

  Current Serviced Diagnostic Download Retired
Release available for download Yes No No No No
New corrective service written Yes Yes No No No
Diagnostic support (i.e. dump analysis) available Yes Yes Yes No No
Corrective service available for download Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Hardware Support

(E)JES runs on the following IBM Z processors or the OEM equivalent:

  • IBM z15
  • IBM z14
  • IBM z13 and z13s
  • IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12) and BC12 (zBC12)
  • IBM zEnterprise 196 (z196) and 114 (z114)
  • IBM System z10 Enterprise Class (z10 EC) and Business Class (z10 BC)
  • IBM System z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC), formerly IBM System z9 109 (z9-109)
  • IBM System z9 Business Class (z9 BC)

(E)JES Alerts

2018 Feb 9 Possible WAIT084-4 for (E)JES Web Customers