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Phoenix Software International Announces Support for IBM®’s Sub-Capacity Pricing Structure

LOS ANGELES - (October 26, 2001) Phoenix Software International, a major systems software development company, today announced sub-capacity pricing for its (E)JES customers. The latest release of (E)JES (V3R4), a tool for managing z/OS JES3 systems, takes advantage of IBM’s Virtual Server interface for customers running z/OS on a zSeries processor. This new development allows customers to license only the partitions of their zSeries system currently in use, enabling them to increase capacity according to their growth needs.

“Our customers have wanted something like this for a long time,” said Edward Jaffe, Manager of Research and Development. “As CPUs get larger, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to incrementally expand their data processing capabilities. (E)JES customers who take advantage of sub-capacity licensing will be able to expand as their needs dictate.”

“As a long-time IBM business partner, Phoenix Software International is committed to continuing its efforts to fully leverage the features of zSeries architecture and z/OS, bringing customers the solutions they seek to their growing business challenges.” said Fred Hoschett, President.

For more information, please visit Phoenix Software International’s (E)JES web page, or contact Kevin Keyes, Director of International Operations, at +1 (310) 338‑0400 ext. 310.

Phoenix Software International, Inc. is a major systems software development company providing advanced software solutions to enterprises around the world. Phoenix Software’s diverse products support IBM and compatible mainframes, personal computers, and local and wide area networks. Customers range from small entrepreneurial companies to major federal and state agencies to Fortune 500 leaders in the telecommunications, automotive, and insurance industries, among others. Phoenix Software’s products are available for purchase or lease in the United States through our direct sales force or worldwide through our network of distributors.

Phoenix Software International has been providing software solutions since 1979 and is a privately held corporation. The company is registered in, and operates business in, all 50 states and internationally from its headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. For more information please visit Phoenix Software International’s web site or call +1 (310) 338‑0400.

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Phoenix Software International, Inc., is a systems software development company providing advanced software applications to enterprises around the globe. The company offers a wide range of solutions to modern business challenges.

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