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CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON Release 14.1 for OS/390 & z/OS® are Available Online

The latest releases of OS/390 and z/OS CONDOR, CYGNET and FALCON are currently ready and available to our customers. The Release 14.1 changes are the result of valued customer feedback and suggestions received while using Release 14.0. The improvements include:

  • Full screen 3270 support added to our REXX API
  • Four new USRVAR values to facilitate the use of the FS-3270 commands (TEMPLATE, ATTRIBUTES, INPUT and COLS80).
  • A new edit-mode FILE command that may now be invoked by pressing the PF24 key while in edit-mode.
  • The LOGON command has been enhanced to automatically force off a duplicate session upon receipt of a valid user-id and password.
  • The OLPS SELECT command, when used on CAMLIB libraries, now supports a delete of all versions of a member with a single request.

We are now making our VSE/ESA products downloadable from our website. To begin the process, you will need your customer number and a valid CPUID in order to fill out our software request form completely. Once the form is filled out and submitted, you will be given access to the software for downloading and installation. The last step involves receiving a decryption code via email to unlock the software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective with the current release (14.1) of Condor, Phoenix Software is ending its support of versions of MVS/ESA that predate MVS/ESA 3.1.3. MVS/ESA 3.1.3, which was originally introduced by IBM in 1989, will continue to be supported. Supported releases of CONDOR,CYGNET, and FALCON prior to release 14.1 will continue to support the earlier MVS/ESA operating systems.

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