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Now Available! Optional Key-from-Image and Image OCR Modules for Falcon32

Falcon32 now supports (as an extra-cost option) key-from-image, image to batch importation, and image OCR. This integrated solutions provides modules for image input, image preprocessing, character recognition, and a robust set of data and image export functions.

Some key features include:

  • Input conversion for all popular image formats (TIFF, DCX, JPEG, PDF, etc.)
  • Support for multi-image file formats
  • Automatic image preprocessing, including automatic flipping and deskewing
  • Import image files to batches or directly to verify, eliminating the data entry step for well-designed OCR forms
  • Split-second response rate for displaying the next image
  • Ability to put the image window on top and fill the screen for a heads-down data entry experience
  • Robust keyboard orientation control as demanded by data entry experts
  • OCR, ICR (handwriting), OMR (check boxes), IMR, MICR, and barcode recognition
  • Ability to define recognition zones and key-from-image zones

By combining character recognition with Falcon32’s already extensive library of built-in field edits, customers can increases speed and accuracy while reducing the cost of data entry.

The Falcon family of data entry products is the result of over twenty years of experience and innovation. Now Phoenix Software brings that same expertise to imaging and data capture solutions.

Learn more about the Falcon32 imaging add-on, or download a 30-day trial.

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