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Falcon32 V8R1: Manage Your Workflow

The latest release of Falcon32 includes some exciting new features:

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is a way to organize jobs to minimize the time it takes data to flow though your data entry department by pushing data through the system and automatically extracting completed jobs.

  • Falcon32 monitors a directory and automatically generates a “waybill” whenever it detects new work.
  • The waybill tracks and controls a job; it includes settings for how to extract the data, who will work on the job, job priority, and where to archive the data source.
  • Falcon32 begins a new job as soon as the directory contains image files.
  • You can view a sortable list of all active work in the system on the console. Right-click a waybill on the console to make changes.

Using waybills eliminates slack time and streamlines data entry. When an operator logs on, Falcon32 assigns the highest priority job available.

Ironclad Verification System

This version of Falcon32 includes double verify (in addition to re-key verify). You can also specify that the previous operator may not verify the batch

Used together, these options activate a powerful verification process that assures double-verification of all screens in the batch by different operators.

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