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(E)JES V4R6.0 Now Available

(E)JES V4R6.0 provides a compatible ISFCALLS REXX host command environment, which lets (E)JES customers run REXX executables written to exploit IBM’s SDSF REXX API (introduced in z/OS 1.9) without change. (E)JES provides this support for z/OS 1.2 and higher.

With this release, (E)JES enhances its own native programmable APIs, called from Assembler, COBOL, C, PL/I, and REXX, to provide high-performance processing of a nearly unlimited number of objects with minimal virtual storage requirements.

Other enhancements to (E)JES include new tabular columns, support for mixed z/OS releases from a single set of (E)JES target libraries and exploitation of JES3 Spool Data Set Browse introduced with z/OS 1.10. SDSB exploitation lets customers allocate JES3 spool data sets using (E)JES, and then process them with other programs that use QSAM to read files, such as REXX execs and IBM utilities.

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