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Improved Performance for I/O-Intense Applications in CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET

Versions 19.0 and 25.0 for z/OS and z/VSE include significant enhancements to the DASD I/O driver used by CONDOR, resulting in measurable performance improvement in all applications that are I/O intensive, such as custom REXX, ECHO and CYGNET programs.

Other enhancements include:

  • Persistent RECALL command: Data for the RECALL command is now persistent for an entire user session (rather than purged when the user exits the application.) The size of the RECALL data buffer has been increased for these applications:
    • CONDOR primary menu screen
    • OLPS editor
    • RJE fetch (VSE/POWER only)
    • DOCS

    The RECALL command is now available to more applications, including:

    • OLPS main menu (Operation code field)
    • RJE primary menu
    • DASD (VOLUME field)
  • SYSREXX command processor: this new processor in the REXX Host command environment runs System REXX commands from CONDOR.
  • REXX SYSVAR function (z/OS only): the function returns values for: SYSMRC, SYSJOBNAME, SYSJCLPROC, SYSPOWJNM, SYSPOWJNUM, SYSPID and SYSVERSION.

See the CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET product pages for more information on these products.

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