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(E)JES V5R3 Tolerates and Exploits New z/OS® V2.1 Functionality

El Segundo, CA—12 Sep 2013: Today Phoenix Software International announced September 20, 2013 general availability of (E)JES Version 5, Release 3.0, its z/OS JES2 and JES3 SPOOL and system management product.

“The timing of the availability and the functionality included in this release should provide a smooth migration path for customers interested in becoming early adopters of the first new version of IBM’s flagship operating system for System z in over twelve years.” – Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer

Also prominent among the new features in V5R3:

  • A new EJESMAIL utility that allows textual SPOOL data from any job to be transmitted as an email attachment, providing (among other things) a convenient way for a batch job to email some or all of its own output.
  • Filtering using system symbols, both static and dynamic.
  • Numerous extract enhancements, including a new cataloged data set list and enhanced z/OS UNIX directory navigation.
  • Point-and-shoot searching of browser-based IBM InfoCenters from a traditional (E)JES session running in a 3270 emulator under ISPF.
  • InfoCenter-ready documentation (Eclipse plug-ins) for use in an IBM InfoCenter on z/OS or off-platform server.
  • CA Chorus Software Manager installation and service.
  • A technology preview of (E)JES Web—a browser-based interface to (E)JES. The RESTful API backing this technology is intended to provide a framework for future development of Eclipse plug-ins, mobile applications, and other web services clients.

For more information on (E)JES, see the (E)JES product page.

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