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Phoenix Software International Introduces Production-Ready Web Interface in (E)JES V5R4

El Segundo, CA: (E)JES V5R4 is now generally available and includes (E)JES Web, a Java-based web interface that should satisfy users accustomed to the response time characteristics of (E)JES under ISPF. All (E)JES displays are fully supported, including time-oriented browsers like OPERLOG.

“Our intent is for (E)JES Web to be the de facto (E)JES interactive interface for users that are uncomfortable navigating traditional 3270 interfaces.” said Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Software International.  He added, “We chose z/OS Java because it has received highly-preferential treatment from IBM in both System z design and customer terms and conditions. This trend is expected to continue, making z/OS Java a solid language/platform choice with good investment protection for the foreseeable future.”

Other key features of (E)JES V5R4 include:

  • Asynchronous multisystem displays: This enhancement dramatically improves end-user response times in large, multisystem environments.
  • Virtual Storage Constraint Relief: Many (E)JES programs now run in 64-bit addressing mode and some important data areas have been moved above the 2G “bar,” resulting in a reduced 31-bit virtual storage footprint. This initiative will continue in future releases.
  • Parallelism: Phoenix Software has implemented new highly-parallel algorithms to the parts of the code that are the highest CPU consumers.
  • API Improvements: Already considered “best of breed,” (E)JES APIs were enhanced even further to satisfy (E)JES Web requirements. These new capabilities are available to customers for use in their own programs and scripts.

Phoenix Software International issued the following statement of direction: “The web services clients that will comprise the (E)JES Web deliverables over the next few releases will obsolete our Windows-based (E)JES Workstation Component offering. Therefore, support for that offering is expected to be removed in a future release.”

Download (E)JES V5R4 here.

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