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CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET z/OS® 24.1 and z/VSE 30.1 Now Available

CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET Versions 24.1 (z/OS) and 30.1 (z/VSE) are now available, and all include the enhancements below:

  • Several significant performance enhancements are present when the product is run on hardware that includes the SIMD feature (Single Instruction Multiple Data, also known as Vector instructions.
  • A new VFAC command has been added to query and set the SIMD hardware feature.
  • The LOGON messages sent to SYSLOG now include NODE names and IP addresses when possible.

Other product-specific and operating system-specific enhancements are also included. See the Readme text and the documentation for details. These z/OS product releases are certified to run on z/OS 1.9 through 2.3. These z/VSE product releases are certified to run on z/VSE 4.1 through z/VSE 6.2.

Customers can visit our download page to access these releases. Customer credentials are required to download all Phoenix Software International products.

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