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Phoenix Software International, Inc., Announces JES3plus® V1R0 General Availability

El Segundo, CA—April 14, 2020: Phoenix Software International, Inc., today announced the general availability of JES3plus™ V1R0, the first release of their derivative product based on IBM’s z/OS JES3 spooling subsystem. In October 2019, Phoenix Software licensed the source code for JES3, offering a solution to clients wishing to remain on JES3.

This initial release is a plug-compatible solution that functions identically to z/OS JES3 V2R4 in virtually every respect. This means:

  • User exits should continue to work unchanged
  • Source modifications (if any) should continue to work unchanged
  • Message automation should continue to work unchanged
  • Operator commands should be unchanged
  • Job, device, and tape high-watermark setup should continue to work unchanged
  • NJE and RJP partner interactions with your systems should be unchanged
  • DevTest and production JCL should continue to work unchanged
  • Production control procedures should continue to work unchanged
  • Output post-processing scripts should continue to work unchanged
  • JES3’s often superior performance characteristics should be unchanged

“Today marks an exciting moment for the JES3 community,” said Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Software International. “JES3plus V1R0 is currently running in test environments large and small around the world and, on behalf of all of us at Phoenix Software, I wish to thank our early customers and ISV partners who helped make this launch a success. We look forward to many years of successful partnership as this unique journey unfolds.”

Organizations wishing to migrate from IBM’s JES3 to Phoenix Software’s JES3plus will be able to install JES3plus in the same sysplex/JESplex as their current JES3 installation allowing for a trivial migration regardless of their implementation or environment complexities. JES3plus V1R0 is supported on all IBM-supported z/OS releases and is installable using a traditional SMP/E installation or z/OSMF Software Management.

JES3plus supports independent Software Vendor (ISV) products that interface with the JES3 technology. ISV products should continue to work with JES3plus V1R0 immediately without changes. Phoenix Software has established a partner program to allow ISVs to maintain JES3plus support for their products going forward.

The launch of JES3plus coincides with the introduction of a secure Phoenix Software support portal that provides customers with a convenient gateway where they can open, review, and update support cases; create and download a personalized x.509 identity cert; and perform other support tasks. In addition, customers will be able to use Phoenix Software’s new RECEIVE ORDER server to set up automatic, secure, and continuous corrective service delivery of JES3plus as well as Phoenix Software’s JES management solution, (E)JES.

Phoenix Software will begin to functionally enhance JES3plus this year via continuous delivery. The second release, planned for 2021, will initiate the same annual release schedule as other Phoenix Software products. Starting with the 2021 JES3plus release, annual updates will occur in September to ensure day-one support of new z/OS releases as they are made generally available.

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Licensed JES3plus customers can download V1R0 here.

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