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Phoenix Software International Expands JES3 Source Code Licensing Agreement

New derivative works to bring additional functionality to JES3plus, JES3 and JES2

You heard right; Phoenix Software has expanded the agreement to license source code for IBM® z/OS® JES3, allowing Phoenix Software to offer customers derivative versions of the Bulk Data Transfer (BDT) components, File-to-File and System Network Architecture (SNA) Network Job Entry (NJE), in addition to our existing mainframe product offerings.

These offerings (to be named) will expand the solution for z/OS customers wishing to remain on JES3 technology while also adding a stand-alone feature for JES2 customers. Since 2017, Phoenix Software has been working with customers and IBM to find a simple, no-cost alternative to a costly and potentially risky JES2 conversion. JES3plus provides customers with exactly that. JES3plus V1R0, the first release of Phoenix Software’s derivative product, became available earlier this year and now has functional enhancements being field tested with the goal of making them generally available next year.

Our BDT File-to-File derivative element will allow existing z/OS BDT File-to-File customers to non-disruptively continue using structured schedules to copy/move MVS Sequential and Partitioned Data Sets to or from another z/OS system over a traditional SNA network or one that is carried over an IP infrastructure using Enterprise Extender (EE) technology. Our File-to-file derivative will work with any z/OS system no matter which JES is in use.

The BDT SNA/NJE derivative element will allow existing z/OS BDT SNA/NJE customers to non-disruptively continue transferring jobs and job output from JES3 and JES3plus environments over those same SNA-based networks.

Fred Hoschett, Chief Executive Officer at Phoenix Software International, said “We are excited about the opportunity to license these additional components and provide a solution to support customers wishing to remain on the JES3 technology.”

“IBM remains committed to our clients’ success on the IBM Z platform whether they use JES3 or JES2. This addition provides a path for clients who wish to remain on JES3 based functionality, independent of IBM’s offerings,” said Dave Jeffries, VP, Development, IBM z/OS Software.

“We are proud to work with IBM once again as an IBM Business Partner“ said Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Software International. “Organizations that currently rely on the BDT components can rest assured their day-to-day operations can continue unchanged.”

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