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zNext is Here!

Phoenix Software is excited about the launch of the most modern mainframe yet and what its innovations will mean for our customers and the industry as a whole. We have spent decades building modern mainframe applications and are looking forward to marrying those with this next generation of hardware.

The IBM Telum Chip is the next generation processor for IBM Z and LinuxONE systems with a focus on enterprise class workloads which are an ever-evolving mix of established and new technologies. IBM Z is used by more than 2/3rds of fortune 100 companies. They are running mission critical workloads on these systems. These workloads require the best possible performance, industry leading security, high-availability, and resilience.

Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Software International, said “I’m blown away by the innovation IBM hardware developers have demonstrated with the Telum chip. The new communication fabric and cache restructure are masterful works of engineering art.”

As digital transformation speeds up and modernization requirements become urgent, it’s more important than ever to leverage the investments already made. We are excited to help our customers in their digital transformation journey by taking a balanced approach to application modernization that brings the best of Phoenix Software products and IBM Z together.

Phoenix Software is a proud partner to IBM and a leader in application modernization along with having an extensive history of promoting growth and modernization through our products, and we are proud to support our customers as they evaluate and adopt newer technologies.

If you are interested in how we may help your organization accelerate its modernization journey, reach out to us at

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