Disaster Recovery Codes

Disaster Recovery Policy: Phoenix Software International perpetual license customers have the right to make copies of their licensed products for disaster recovery purposes at no extra charge. To this end, customers may install, execute, use, copy, test and/or display any of these licensed programs on disaster recovery computers for the duration of each disaster and for the purpose of conducting periodic DR testing/exercises. The same DR rights apply to term license customers, provided that term licensing fees are paid current.

Phoenix expects the DR incidents to be reasonable in number and duration (e.g. one to three tests per year with each disaster recovery test lasting approximately two to three days). In certain cases where more frequent DR tests are required, test should be of a shorter duration with the total hours not exceeding these specifications. Please contact Phoenix Software technical support if you need an extension. With regard to the Phoenix Software licensed product, no production workload is permitted on the DR computers during drill periods.

The forms linked in the list below may be used to obtain disaster recovery codes in the event of an actual emergency or for disaster recovery testing.

* Important: Disaster recovery codes for starred products require login credentials. Forgot your password? Submit a request.

Customers worldwide: click a product name for the appropriate grace code/license code request form:

* (E)JES
* PHX-KeyPlus

Disaster recovery code requests are normally processed every 10 minutes. If you have any questions or do not receive your grace code in a timely manner:

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