(E)JES License Codes

(E)JES customers with maintenance contracts may submit an online request for a new license code, which can be used for such tasks as renewing a recently expired system, resetting the start time after a disaster recovery event, or installing a new (E)JES release.

A new license comes with a 7-, 14- or 21-day grace period, to allow running (E)JES in unrecognized or oversized environments for disaster recovery tests, processor maintenance or capacity upgrades—or recovery from an actual disaster or emergency.

To receive a license code via email for the purpose of installing a new (E)JES release, please fill out the (E)JES Download request form. For all other purposes, fill out the (E)JES License Code request form. If you do not have the proper credentials, please fill out the (E)JES credential form.

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