(E)JES Release Status

A generally available (E)JES release will be in one of five support statuses, the meanings of which are shown in the table below:

Status Product Available for Download New PTFs Written Dump Analysis Available Service Available for Download
Current Yes Yes Yes Yes
Serviced No Yes Yes Yes
Diagnostic No No Yes Yes
Download No No No Yes
Retired No No No No

A release is stabilized three years after GA and no longer supported five years after GA.

The following table shows the current status of all (E)JES releases.

Release Status Stabilized Supported through
(E)JES V5R8.0 09/2021 09/2023
(E)JES V5R7.0 09/2020 09/2022
(E)JES V5R6.0 09/2019 09/2021
(E)JES V5R5.0 09/2018 09/2020
(E)JES V5R4.0 09/2017 09/2019
(E)JES V5R2.0–V5R3.0 Download    
All Others Retired    

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