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Bulk Data Transfer

Phoenix Bulk Data Transfer (PHX-BDT) is comprised of derivative versions of the BDT components, File-to-File and System Network Architecture (SNA) Network Job Entry (NJE). These offerings will allow existing BDT customers to non-disruptively continue their critical data-transfer operations.

What is PHX-BDT?

PHX-BDT lets you transfer data from one computer system to another. The type of data that it transfers depends on which of its features is installed:

  • The File-to-File feature allows users at one z/OS JES2 or z/OS JES3/JES3plus system in a SNA network to copy data sets to or from another system in the network.
  • The SNA NJE feature allows z/OS JES3 users to transmit jobs, output (SYSOUT), commands, and messages from one computer system to another within a SNA network.

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