Key/101 (Mainframe Platform)

Key/101 integrates data input via IBM 370 architecture mainframes, personal computers, data capture devices such as bar code scanners, optical character readers, voice recognition equipment and communication networks.

Key/101 accommodates the data input needs of your organization by using standard, general purpose equipment, integrating a wide range of data input systems when needed, and providing a single point of control.

Key Features

  • Easily customized formats—design your own data capture formats without programming.
  • Input flexibility—perform the data entry function on-line, with IBM 3270-compatible terminals, or off-line with a personal computer.
  • Increased data input productivity and accuracy—Key/101 provides comprehensive facilities for the capture, editing and verification, reformatting and transfer of data to each target application program, file or database.
  • Increased overall data security—Multiple layers of security and control are designed into every part of the Key/101 system, including the option to interface with third-party security packages (RACF, ACF2, Top Secret, etc.).

In short, the full range of Key/101's processing capabilities provides cost-effective data capture, as well as improved control and user satisfaction.