Phoenix Software International

October 2, 2007

Dear Customer,

I am pleased to inform you that on September 28, 2007 Allen Systems Group (ASG) and Phoenix Software International (PSI) signed an agreement that transfers ownership of the ODE, KeyPlus and Adders data entry software product lines to PSI.

PSI is pleased to add these assets to its library of data entry software products and we are confident that our twenty-eight years of data entry experience and conversion capabilities as well as our library of more than a dozen mainframe and workstation data entry software products will go a long way to meet your present and future data entry needs.

PSI currently licenses data entry products on the z/OS, VSE/ESA, VM/CMS, Windows, DOS and UNIX platforms. Our data entry product line currently includes: Falcon, Falcon32, ImagEntry, VDE, Entrypoint, LifeWorks, Key/101 (formerly Key/Master) and now ODE, KeyPlus and Adders. You can learn more about PSI and its complete product line by viewing our two websites: and

ASG will continue to provide all technical support until October 31, 2007. After this date, PSI’s technical support staff shall assume the technical support responsibility. PSI’s technical support staff can be reached via email at or directly at +1 (310) 338‑1011. Within approximately 90 days, our FTP site shall be updated to include the ODE, KeyPlus and Adders programs and any outstanding product fixes. Once the FTP site is ready, we will send you a letter that will include instructions on the use of our FTP site and a user ID and password unique to your company that will grant you online access to the products and fixes that you are licensed to use.

Please rest assured that we shall endeavor to meet and soon exceed your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at +1 (310) 338‑0400. Welcome aboard!

Most sincerely,

Fred G. Hoschett