Phoenix Software International

January 28, 2004

Dear Customer,

I am pleased to inform you that on January 27, 2004 Ascential Software Corporation (ASC) and Phoenix Software International (PSI) signed an agreement that transfers ownership of the Key/Master product line to PSI.

PSI has been providing reliable data/entry products and services for nearly 25 years on the z/OS, VSE/ESA, CMS, Windows, DOS and UNIX platforms. Our Data/Entry product line currently includes: Falcon, Falcon/32, ImagEntry, VDE, Entrypoint, LifeWorks and now Key/Master. You can learn more about PSI and its product line by viewing our two websites: and .

We look forward to resuming Key/Master product development and continuing the support and maintenance of the product line. ASC will continue to provide all technical support until February 10, 2004. Beginning February 11, 2004 PSI’s technical support staff shall assume the technical support responsibility. PSI’s technical support staff can be reached directly at +1 (310) 338‑1011 or via email at

PSI has no intention of increasing the maintenance price of the product beyond the pricing structure that was in place when Mercator Software was still marketing Key/Master. In fact PSI guarantees that the product price of the Key/Master product shall not increase beyond these levels for at least the next six years. Our goal is obvious, we want to keep you as a happy and long term customer. We believe that your company is better off with a vendor that is experienced and focused heavily in the data/entry arena.

PSI is devoting programming resources to the Key/Master product with the goal of improving the product. We understand data/entry and therefore shall not make any changes that interfere with or cause the change of any procedures that you may have in place or require the retraining of any personnel. We intend to give the product a slight make-over, correct deficient features (if any) as they are identified and add new functionality when deemed appropriate. We welcome any input you have in this area.

Please rest assured that we shall endeavor to meet and soon exceed your expectations.

Please contact me directly, via voice at +1 (310) 338‑0400, or contact if you have any questions, issues or concerns. Welcome aboard!

Most sincerely,

Fred G. Hoschett