An open system data capture product built on over 30 years of application experience. Its capabilities range from batch-oriented data entry to sophisticated transaction processing. Designed with an “open architecture,” LifeWorks fully integrates data capture, database, networking, print, and data analysis software.

What is LifeWorks

LifeWorks is a data capture system that uses formatted screens for quick fill-in-the-blanks entry. Lifeworks provides extensive information validation, generation, verification, and editing features to eliminate errors and reduce turnaround time. Data validation, generation, and extraction can occur automatically by comparison with local files, and files on the local area network or corporate mainframes.

Users can input data via a variety of terminals—PCs, workstations, OCR readers, bar code readers, and laser wands—reducing input errors and turnaround time. Lifeworks allows both batch and transaction processing.

Open Architecture

LifeWorks has been designed with an open software architecture so that data capture software can be integrated with the best languages, communications, printing, analysis, office automation and database software available. This provides unparalleled ease of use and functionality. Additionally, LifeWorks data can be integrated with Informix, Oracle, corporate mainframes, and PC data.

The flexibility of LifeWorks software lets you conduct your data capture, processing, storage, and analysis activities in the location that best meets your requirements. Activities can occur locally or be integrated with corporate mainframe applications to ensure the best fit. Thus, as your requirements and procedures change, your LifeWorks applications can adapt without costly reprogramming.

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