Phoenix Website and Support Portal Maintenance

Network Upgrades

On May 28, 2022 Phoenix Software performed network upgrades for the headquarters office in El Segundo, CA.

A byproduct of this upgrade was new public IP addresses for the Phoenix website and Support Portal. A summary of the change to our network:

Phoenix HQ Public Services

CurrentNewDisaster Recovery Site

Specifically, the IP address for Phoenix public services (e-mail, web, ftp/sftp, support Portal) will change from to

Phoenix HQ Netblock

CurrentNewDisaster Recovery Site / 2898.174.153.80 / 2872.215.5.32 / 28

We are providing this notice so that customers can update their network firewall / security infrastructure to allow continued access to Phoenix public services across this upgrade.

If you have any questions about this upgrade and how it might affect you, please call (310) 338-1011 or submit a support request through our Support Portal.