Features fast startup, portability, and automation of job submission. PHX‑Adders is the right choice for end users and seasoned data entry personnel.

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What is PHX‑Adders

PHX‑Adders is a data entry application for z/OS® that saves you significant amounts of time by allowing you to streamline your data entry directly into your IBM Z mainframe. Data validation occurs during the data entry process—errors are identified immediately as the data is being keyed.

This user-friendly system provides on-line help, screen prompting, and excellent user documentation. In addition, the software is designed for fast start-up—no front-end programming or operating system modifications are required.

PHX‑Adders can handle decentralized or migrated data entry functions expanding with your enterprise.


  • Forward recovery activity against your file in interactive or batch mode, and rebuild the file without having to write, compile, or test programs
  • Test and manipulate data fields at extract time
  • Simultaneously load and reformat data from an external source into a batch
  • Initiate functions automatically with PF keys
  • Store all data components in multiple files in a single file architecture
  • Submit batches with job control using custom designed screens
  • Assign expiration dates through automatic data deletion
  • Validate a field based on the presence or absence of other fields
  • Include hash counters for each batch and document counters for each screen

PHX‑Adders comes with PHX‑Guest, which includes a file viewer, CICS® screen builder and fourth-generation language.

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