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zHISR Pricing Worksheet

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  • zHISR CPC Configuration Report
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z/OS Code Analysis

zHISR generates reports that help tune applications by locating specific sections of your code that are the biggest CPU consumers.

What is zHISR

zHISR is an application execution profiler that lets users easily interface with IBM Z Hardware Instrumentation Services (HIS) to perform near-zero overhead, high-resolution hot spot analysis of programs running under z/OS. This utility is a useful tool for software programmers, performance analysts, and systems programmers.

Use these tables to list all CPCs where zHISR will be installed.

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IBM PricingPlex Eligibility

If applicable, indicate CPCs eligible for aggregation w/IBM as part of an IBM PricingPlex. Select coupled CPCs by clicking the choices under a PricingPlex column (see below for qualification information).

CPC PricingPlex A PricingPlex B PricingPlex C PricingPlex D PricingPlex E

Aggregate Pricing Qualification Information

For z/OS® systems, you can sometimes aggregate MSUs associated with a sub-capacity eligible product across a Parallel Sysplex®. Aggregation means when you run the sub-capacity eligible product in multiple LPARs on CPCs which are all part of the same Parallel Sysplex, you pay the base charge for the product only once. The values shown on the sub-capacity report are not affected by aggregation, but IBM® adds up all the MSUs for aggregated products across each CPC in the sysplex when calculating your charges for those products. For aggregation, the Parallel Sysplex must meet the following requirements:

  • All CPCs in the Parallel Sysplex must be physically attached via coupling links to a common coupling facility and via timer links to a common external time reference (such as the Sysplex Timer®).
  • Images in the sysplex must account for 50 percent of the total MVS™ workload on each machine during prime business hours. In other words, MVS-based LPARs participating in the sysplex must represent at least half of the CPC’s MVS-based processing capability.
  • All images in the sysplex must have at least one common systems enablement function activated to use the coupling facility. For a list of system enablement functions, see z/OS systems enablement functions.

At least one of these common systems enablement functions must be activated on all images in a sysplex for the software on that sysplex to participate in a pricing aggregation.

  • Application Data Sharing
  • GRS Star Implementation
  • JES2 Checkpoint in the Coupling Facility
  • RACF® database caching
  • SmartBatch multisystem processing
  • VTAM® Generic Resources
  • VTAM MULTINODE Persistent Sessions
  • Automated tape sharing and switching
  • System logger SYSLOG (OPERLOG)
  • System logger LOGREC
  • System logger Resource Recovery Services

IBM allows monthly software licenses to be aggregated across a qualified Parallel Sysplex. Use the document below to review the hardware, software, operation and verification criteria to be considered “actively coupled.”

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