PHX-KeyPlus Support Portal

Phoenix Software International PHX-KeyPlus technical support is available worldwide. Use one of the many self-service options below, open a case, or review your cases.

CPC Configuration Report

Do you need to register your initial configuration, subsequent CPC change request, or periodic (e.g. annual) CPC Configuration Report for PHX-KeyPlus? Licensed PHX-KeyPlus customers can use this form.

License Code Request

Need a license code for renewing a recently expired system or resetting the start time after a disaster recovery event? Existing PHX-KeyPlus customers with maintenance contracts may submit a request here.

NOTE: License codes come with a 7-, 14-, or 21-day grace period to allow running PHX-KeyPlus in unrecognized or oversized environments for disaster recovery tests, processor maintenance, or capacity upgrades—or recovery from an actual disaster or emergency.

Download Request

Need to download the latest release of PHX-KeyPlus along with documentation and a license code? You can do that here.


Would you like to access the online or pdf documentation for PHX-KeyPlus or your other licensed products? You can do that here.

Email Notifications

Interested in receiving email announcements when a new PHX-KeyPlus release or corrective service is available? Subscribe here. You can also unsubscribe to be removed from the mailing list.

Release Status/Corrective Service Download

Click a PHX-KeyPlus release below to access corrective service downloads, see current support status, OS compatibility, and relevant dates.

A PHX-KeyPlus release is assigned to the Full support tier when it becomes generally available. Typically, it is assigned to the Limited support tier three years later and to the End of Service support tier two years after that. For a detailed explanation of the Full, Limited and End of Service support tiers, please review our Software Support Lifecycle Policy.

PHX-KeyPlus Release Support Tier Corrective Service Minimum CPC OS Support Generally Available Limited Support End of Service
5.5 Full None Available z9 z/OS 2.1–3.1 Sep 2023 Sep 2027 Sep 2028
5.4 Full None Available z9 z/OS 2.1–2.5 Sep 2022 Sep 2026 Sep 2027
5.3 Full None Available z900+RPQ OS/390 2.8–z/OS 2.5 Sep 2021 Sep 2025 Sep 2026
5.2 Full None Available z900+RPQ OS/390 2.8–z/OS 2.5 Nov 2020 Nov 2024 Nov 2025
5.1 End of Service None Available z900+RPQ OS/390 2.8–z/OS 2.4 Jul 2014 Nov 2020 Nov 2021
5.0 End of Service 5 Jul 2012 z900+RPQ OS/390 2.8–z/OS 1.9 Apr 2008 Jul 2014 Jul 2015
4.x End of Service